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Anyone can tell you they're the best. We'd, however, prefer to let our clients do the talking for us.

John Mattingly, Manager 

Astoria Golf & Country Club 


"....Phil Chek and Associates were chosen as the designer because of several professional recommendations and reviews of his work on clubs in the Portland Area.... Mr. Chek was always on top of things, making sure different aspects of the work were getting done in a timely manner... The members of our club... have been amazed at the transformation and are very pleased with the outcome. The Astoria Country Club is now a showplace thanks to the foresight and efforts of Phil Chek & Associates." 


Jerry Stern​

Phil captivated us with his enthusiasm and style.... sub-contractors were all craftsmen, they were clean, timely, and efficient. Phil's follow-up was the finest we've ever experienced....charges were always reasonable and fair. We wholeheartedly recommend the Phil Chek organization to anyone wanting the finest design in Portland." 


Richard Maw, President 

Royal Oaks Country Club 

"We have had the opportunity to work with Phil Chek and Associates very closely over the past 2 1/2 years on the renovation of the clubhouse at Royal Oaks Country Club. When we first contacted Phil, our facilities were somewhat dated and some members had discussed tearing down the clubhouse and starting over. Phil's ideas took contemporary, 1970's-style structure and transformed it into a traditional yet very comfortable club to which our members now enjoy and are proud to take guests. While I worked with Phil Chek and Associates, first in the capacity of Club President, then as Acting Club Manager, it was always important to know that Phil and his staff were taking care of each detail of the project, and any questions I had were always answered promptly and professionally by whomever I asked. Phil and his staff have been very sensitive to club issues and have worked well within the club's committee structure. Phil's ideas have been well thought out, and his ability to present options that fit within the club's budget has been invaluable. I recommend him to anyone desiring a creative and professional firm to complete interior and exterior design work." 


Nancy Tillman

"It is always great to see you, Phil. You are so good at what you do, you make me feel very confident!" 


Daniel Sherman, VP & GM
Hiwan Golf Club

"I do not usually write letters of commendation about private contractors since the nature of the Club business limits the approbation of such communications. That being expressed, I have the utmost respect for Mr. Chek's aesthetic grasp of decoration and his ability to track and manage costs. Phil Chek took over in the middle of the project at the Portland Golf Club and brought it to a timely completion with a very difficult committee. He attended meetings, made careful documentation of agreements and was diplomatic with the committee while maintaining the integrity of his design concepts. I would engage Phil for additional work without hesitation. He is my private pantheon of better design professionals...he is head and shoulders above any other designer I have worked with." 


Karel & Cathy Podolsky

"We recently purchased a house that had been built in 1923 and needed comprehensive work (basically was a dump). We then had the house completely remodeled by Phil Chek & Associates...We could not be happier with the quality of the product we received...Phil is an extremely gifted designer and a true visionary when it comes to designing a remodel..." 


Sharon Kust, Club Manager
Portland Golf Club

"Our relationship with Phil has covered a 12-year period during which he has helped give the club a timeless, comfortable, yet elegant look that will never need changing...I have enjoyed working with Phil, and his support staff...he is very personable and professional...No project has been too small for his enthusiasm and attention..." 



"We are so pleased with how the deck and landscaping turned out, you come up with the most unique ideas that really work! Thank you again for making our our home and yard so special. 



"...I kept going out and looking at the front of our home, I can't believe it is mine! Thank you so much for the color selection, it made it so painless for me...thanks again! 



"First of all I can't tell you how impressed I am with you your creative talents and your style and everything about you, you're a very impressive person and I'm just in awe! I can't tell you how grateful I am about how you conduct yourself and your staff is just incredible, the people you have working there, I can't say enough, I'll be your biggest promoter! I cant wait to work with you over the next month!" 



"...Thank you for all your help with our kitchen! It looks great! We really like the colors you picked. The color for the island picks up the stainless tones of the appliances, it's sharp looking! Our home sold with only being on the market 1 month! Thanks again for all your help, it was great! 


Dan Heine, Founder & CEO
The Bank of Oswego

I have known Phil for about 10 years through a business relationship which also became a great trusting friendship.   I offer two words of recommendation….”Hire Him”!   What gives me such confidence in his creative talents is work that he has done for me and also being his banker with several upper end (and demanding) clients in Portland and Lake Oswego.  I also state that I have been involved in Board and Strategic Planning & Building Committee service in three out of state country clubs over my 45 years in business.  Allow me to relate three specific examples backing up my recommendation:


1.        My Chandler Rd. personal residence was completing renovated by Phil in the original style of the home (Pietro Belluschi).  His office provided the architectural drawings, interior finishes, and Phil was the project manager.  He selected excellent Subs and they performed on time in a very professional and competent manner; and importantly under budget.  A noteworthy mention…. I was impressed with the creativeness of how he modified our spaces and brought the 50-year old architectural style of the home to the 21st century with the latest, state-of-the art finishes.  Many visitors to our home always complimented us the uniqueness and quality of our finishes.


2.       When I was President of The Bank of Oswego, our bank donated a healthy amount of money to redo the lobby of Lakewood Center for the Performing Arts in celebration of their 60th anniversary.  The only condition was that the design and work had to be done by Phil Chek & Associates, which was graciously accepted by their Board of Trustees.  The existing space was really outdated and the new remodel has become a very impressive and distinctive statement of eloquence for those who enjoy the theater and other special events at Lakewood.    Phil Chek & Associates provided a traditional yet updated design with new finishes, beams, fireplace, paneling and furniture; thereby creating an intimate and inviting environment.  I still can’t believe how they met our short time schedule with such quality workmanship; while working around the staff’s daily activities.


3.       Another job that I was responsible for was the opening of our banking office in Sherwood.  We found an old historic building in downtown Sherwood and Phil was selected to completely remodel it in a manner that made our bank unique in that market.  An example of his creative talents, Phil created a wine cellar in the old vault and made front page Business news. (Sherwood is the gateway to the wine country).  Phil provided the design drawings, floor spaces, finishings and little details that would have been found in a bank in the time period of that building.  Phil does his research, as was evident in the two traditional, old commercial buildings at Lakewood, in Sherwood and Pietro Belluschi’s style on my home.

In closing, Phil is creative, responsive, provides timely, efficient and professional project management.  He is easy to work with.  No matter big or small jobs, Phil pours in heart and soul in each job; a real passion for excellence and satisfaction by the client.  I might also add, I have seen many residential and commercial buildings remodeled by Phil and what I like about his work…. there are no two places or designs a like; he creates unique and diversified environments.  I know my comments may seem very flattering, but Phil has earned his strong words of praise from me."

We whole heartedly recommend the Phil Chek organization to anyone wanting the finest design in Portland." 

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